About Nowus Healthcare

We want to make a difference for both clinics as well as patients. In an increasingly busy daily life in the healthcare sector, it is important that clinics trust their suppliers and know that they can always trust that they are going to get high quality, fast delivery, as well as a good balance between functionality and price.

At Nowus Healthcare we are very aware of work environments. We believe that a healthy work environment with engaged employees has a direct impact on our customers. At the same time, we want to attract the most skilled and most motivated new colleagues to be part of our team.



Nowus Healthcare solely represents products from leading manufacturers of medico-technical devices. The requirements for all our suppliers are high quality and the maximum level of quality assurance in manufacturing and service. The manufacturers include Vitalograph, Kern, and Haeberle.


The people behind

Nowus means new and our goal is to become the new star in the medico-technical industry. Hence our choice of logo.

Though Nowus is a new company, the founders collectively have more than 50 years of experience within the healthcare sector from working at companies such as Philips, Abena, S&W, and Judex. Our experience is broad and covers pulmonary medicine, respiration, sleep medicine, intensive treatment, surgery, and much more.